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We are a passionate team of innovators, collaborators and connectors who are driven to engage and inspire our future workforce. At ORIGIN, we innovate the way people connect to career and culture. Our approach is to design, develop and deliver leading-edge technology solutions that improve access to employment and culture opportunities across diverse industries and sectors.

A major focus of our work is with Indigenous people and communities, in a spirit of economic reconciliation, as well as to celebrate the rich Indigenous culture of this land.

Great teachings open people’s eyes, minds and hearts to new pathways. Our goal is to provide immersive & inspiring learning and development experiences using the power of technology!


We work together every day to:

  • Build innovative solutions to advance processes by which people connect to career.
  • Accelerate technological tools that enhance identity and the pursuit of purpose.
  • Improve access to employment opportunity for Indigenous people, in the spirit of economic reconciliation, across Canada.

Enhancing identity, purpose and connection to career.

ORIGIN is the creator of ImmersiveLink; a virtual application that creates a unique learning and development environment for cultural awareness and career exploration.


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