Our elders, knowledge keepers, ceremonies and oral histories are integral to helping us navigate and understand who we are as Indigenous People. We hear over and over again that there is a growing disconnect between our elders and our youth. We hear over and over again that people who have been removed from their culture are struggling to reconnect as they make their life in urban centres.

So how do we bridge the disconnect? ImmersiveLink Cultural. ORIGIN works with knowledge keepers across Canada to capture, highlight and produce short 360 vignettes of Indigenous cultural activities and teachings and then facilitates workshops with youth and connects them to our network of knowledge keepers!

We know that the best way to learn about being Indigenous is by going to the land, and our languages – but what about those who can’t, I’m thinking people in urban centres, elders who are no longer physically able to travel, youth that spend too much time playing games? Think of ImmersiveLink Cultural as a way to spark some interest, inspire viewers to want to know more and to make them feel proud to be Indigenous.