Indigenize your
Reconciliation action plan

ORIGIN will support the development of your Reconciliation Action Plan and Indigenous Engagement Strategies, with specific focus on Indigenous inclusion and workforce development. Our team will develop customized people and technology solutions innovating your approaches both internally within your team and externally, with communities.

services for Industry

Reconciliation, what does it mean? Where do you start? How do you measure your efforts? As respected Indigenous Engagement Specialists, ORIGIN can support your operation to engage with First Nation communities and build your Reconciliation Action Plan. Reconciliation is not a linear or static experience.  ORIGIN invites Industry leaders to Indigenize your strategies, we will provide you a holistic approach to implementation and produce positive impacts in the communities you build relationships with.  Inquire about how you can use our technology to capture traditional knowledge and Indigenous world views to demonstrate your commitment to understanding at the same time as building valuable reconciliation tools for your internal staff