Reconciliation can be defined as the action of making one view or belief compatible with another.

ImmersiveLink Sacred Seven is a unique virtual reality education journey that immerses users in the 7 sacred Indigenous teachings and the values they encapsulate.

With this experiential learning tool, users can expect to gain a deeper understanding of each teaching and draw parallels or compatibilities to corporate and mainstream values through an Indigenous cultural lens. The experience promotes inclusivity, professional development and leadership.

7 Grandfather Teachings VR Experience

Content Information

Expected Length
Approximately 30-45 minutes
VR headsets – Oculus Quest 2 or Pico devices only

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About the VR Experience

The Seven Sacred Teachings were gifted by “grandfathers” (spirits) to showcase Anishinaabe values while honouring the virtues necessary for a full and healthy life.

The teachings Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth are embodied by animals which illustrate actions and decisions manifested on a physical plain.

The Teachings which have been passed down orally by Anishinaabe peoples since time immemorial, are now available to be experienced by all people through the fascinating lens of virtual reality learning. This virtual reality education experience is designed to facilitate understanding of core Anishinaabe principles and values while promoting reconciliation.

This unique virtual reality learning experience will help you gain a deeper understanding of values to guide you on your life journey while arming you with wisdom and knowledge to support our collaborative journey towards reconciliation as well as indigenous cultural preservation.

This VR experience is also included as part of our 7 Grandfather Teachings workshop, which is a half-day “work readiness” and “life skills” type workshop that we provide. Reach out to book your workshop today.

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