Virtual reality (VR) is transforming the way we explore and experience the world.

At ORIGIN, we have unleashed the potential of VR to permanently shift how people connect to career and culture. From the depths of underground mines to the remote shores of Northern Ontario First Nations, VR applications can transport people to otherwise inaccessible environments. The possibilities of discovery are endless!

ORIGIN is the creator of ImmersiveLink – providing compelling, real-life experiences, using Virtual Reality to promote and create career connections in targeted sectors.

Today, our ImmersiveLink technology and content libraries are created for Indigenous job seekers, First Nation communities, employers, training organizations and schools to improve experiential learning connections. Our system is accessible with stand alone Oculus Quest headsets and is consistently updated with every new content experience we capture.

Notre système ImmersiveLink est maintenant disponible en français!

IL Schools

ImmersiveLink Careers Library supports students to learn about and prepare for careers in trades. Instructional models incorporate class, group, individual discussion, inquiry-based discovery and self-assessment.

Our Cultural Library supports teachers to integrate Indigenous culture and learning into the curriculum. For Indigenous youth, our content library enhances the way students connect to identity, pride and purpose by bringing Indigenous teachings and knowledge to life. The experiences also increase awareness and understanding of Indigenous culture in Canada among non-Indigenous students.

IL Employment Connectors

Rather than relying on traditional resources, ImmersiveLink Careers helps employment organizations to immerse job seekers into a real-life worksite or career role. We have partnered with diverse employers and industries to create virtual reality content for potential employee candidates.

ImmersiveLink supports industry to recruit, educate and retain future employees by immersing job seekers directly into the job role and worksites to ensure motivation, confidence and “fit”.

IL Cultural

ImmersiveLink Cultural focuses on reshaping our history with a content collection of Indigenous knowledge and traditions from across Canada. We have created a content platform that revitalizes Indigenous cultures and promotes Indigenous identity by sharing a truth that has not properly been told.

Our Cultural Library has been developed in the spirit of economic reconciliation, as well as to celebrate the rich Indigenous culture of this land.


At ORIGIN we produce and sell industry leading VR library content as well as VR hardware. Oculus Quest headsets are available for purchase at a discounted rate with a subscription to ImmersiveLink.

Ask us about flexible subscription plans including installations, set-up, training, technical support and classroom demonstrations. Our team of specialists is available to help your organization successfully adopt VR technology every step of the way.