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We offer dynamic, in person or virtual workshops.

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360 Video Production

We offer custom learning experiences and full service production.

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Connection is Our Priority

ImmersiveLink VR technology delivers career training and Indigenous knowledge experiences to communities across Canada.

Building Indigenous Workforce

Our in-person workshops are designed to explore the intersection between career and culture. All workshops are practical, hands on and culturally appropriate.

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Indigenous Cultural Knowledge

Encourage clients to reconnect to their roots. These workshops provide valuable lessons, shared by our elders and knowledge keepers and help clients to reflect on their personal journey.

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Life Skills

Empower your clients with Life Skills workshops. Help them build general skills in time management, budgeting, self-care leading them to realize their own potential.

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Work Readiness

Build confidence in clients to navigate the career landscape. Our workshops provide practical and hands-on skill-building for those entering or transitioning into the workforce.

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Professional Development & Training & Support

Build your skills as an Indigenous community facilitator with our ProSkills series of workshops, designed to empower program managers and employment counsellors.

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Immerse yourself in Indigenous culture and explore careers.

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Cultural Library

A VR library to learn invaluable cultural traditions.

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Who we work with

For 15+ years, We’ve had the pleasure of working with numerous individuals, industries, communities and employment agencies.

A major focus of our work is with Indigenous people and communities, in a spirit of economic reconciliation, as well as to celebrate the rich Indigenous culture of this land.