A new approach to career exploration.

ORIGIN began with one purpose in mind: to connect Indigenous peoples with career knowledge and opportunities to enable success in their chosen path.

Indigenous people are faced with many challenges when accessing and thriving in the workforce. With our Work Readiness workshops, we offer community members comprehensive support while they seek to succeed in the career they’ve always envisioned.

Workshops for
Work Readiness

Our fun and thought-provoking workshops will help you work on self-esteem and job readiness, discover your career strengths and interests, teach you soft skills such as leadership and time management, and teach you how to maintain a healthy workplace environment.

We also recognize that women face unique barriers during employment and in the workplace.

As such, we offer specialized workshops to support women entering the resource and construction industries, equipped with market-leading simulators to learn either the basics or how to upskill in heavy equipment operations.

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ORIGIN will work with you to create a career readiness program offering community members comprehensive support in finding successful employment and the fulfilling career they’ve envisioned.

Our workshops cover: helping participants discover their strengths and career interests, resume building, interviewing, time management and more.

We also offer gender safe, virtual reality career workshops to support women in entering the resource and construction industries, paired with market-leading simulators to learn the basics or upskill in heavy equipment operations.

1 day

Professional Conduct and Communication

3 weeks

Wake the Warrior Workshop Series

2 Days

VIP Employee

1 Day

ImmersiveLink Careers

1 Day

Lateral Violence

1 Day

Conflict Resolution

1 Day

Team Building

Unique to your community needs

Mobile HEO Simulators

4 Days

Women in Construction

2 Days

VIP Job Search

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