Working with organizations and communities has allowed us to have a hand in a variety of different projects.

We are proud to be able to share the results we have been able to achieve as a team and through our partnerships. Below is a collection of some of our notable projects we have had the opportunity to contribute to or build.

Featured Projects

Digital Investment Attraction in Terrace, B.C.  

Project Details

Type:ImmersiveLink Tours
Collaborator:Kitamaat Valley Education Society for the City of Terrace

Project Description

The goal of this project was to create a tool that could be used by the City of Terrace to improve the domestic and international marketing to potential investors. This digital, interactive tour captures important assets of Terrace that can now be explored from any location around the world. Users can navigate through the experience through the map function to access different locations. At each location, different tools (videos, infographics, speakers etc.) share important information about the site. The population, resources, transportation routes, and other relevant information about Terrace is available in this tour.

We worked in collaboration with KVES and the City of Terrace, to customize this tour in alignment with their strategic objectives and vision. We led the full development of the VR experience from storyboarding and design phase to production and end user design of the final product.

This tour can now be shared across a variety of channels including their website, social media and other digital marketing outlets.

Red Rock Indian Band Pow Wow Tour

Project Details

Type:ImmersiveLink Pow Wow
Collaborator:Red Rock Indian Band (RRIB)

Project Description

ImmersiveLink Pow Wows allow communities to capture and preserve community traditions to celebrate with generations to come!

RRIB had our team attend their Pow Wow and capture various events to include in their interactive Pow Wow tour. Their IL Pow Wow included the Jingle Dress dance, the Men’s Traditional dance and the Grand Entry. Viewers of this experience can move around to these different events and experience it as if they were really there!

Pays Plat Interactive Tour

Project Details

Type:ImmersiveLink Tours
Collaborator:Pays Plat First Nation

Project Description

The tour of Pays Plat highlights the culture and important landmarks within this community. In this unique experience, we have captured the pictographs and teachings that share about the meaning behind each of them. Viewers can also visit the waterfront and learn from a water teaching. To wrap up the experience, users can stop in at the annual Pow Wow!

Interactive Tour for Potential Students

Project Details

Type:ImmersiveLink Tours
Key Stats:This experience is now available in English, French and Inukitut.

Project Description

Our team partnered with ESUMA to create a resource for Nunavik students to explore Montreal and have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their post-secondary journey. During this project, we organized all the storyboarding, scripting, logistics, production and development of the tour.

This interactive tour takes the user on a journey right from the airport to the John Abbott College campus and student residences. Students will explore the campus and learn about available programs and student support resource centres. Viewers can visit facilities like the athletics centre including the gym area, swimming pool and athletic programs! They can also check out what student life looks like and hear from current students about their experience. This includes a tour of the dorms and student lounge areas.

Gwich’in Cultural Preservation 

Project Details

Type:Generation 2 – IL Tours – Cultural Preservation 
Collaborator:Arctic Indigenous Innovations Inc.,

Project Description

In partnership with Arctic Indigenous Innovations Inc., we are created an Interactive Virtual Gwich’in Experience for the purpose of cultural and language preservation.  The hope is to inspire Gwich’in youth to continue traditions that are sacred to the Gwich’in people and to allow Elders, most of which are 80-100 years old, to be able to travel to the places they grew up, from the comfort of their homes and continue to tell the stories of those places to those wishing to learn more.

Our team travelled to Fort McPherson in the Northwest Territories to capture the 2D and 360-footage and to build new relationships and friendships required to create the experiences hosted within our interactive experience platform (ImmersiveLink Tours).

We captured scenes on Tsii thaah mountain, a sacred place for the Gwich’in people, camp scenes near Sheeps Creek past the Rock River in the Yukon, and scenes on the height of land just before the Windy Pass. Their territory spans across the Northwest Territories, Yukon and up into Alaska. Topics that can be explored in the interactive experience are: Porcupine Caribou Harvesting, Food and Dry Meat Preparation, Traditional Gwich’in Clothing and Sewing, the Art of Snowshoe Making and its purpose and a 3D interactive map of the historical Gwich’in travel routes.

We also worked with a group of Gwich’in youth to introduce them to the world of 360 film.  Youth helped to prepare, participate, and assist in the experiential activities.  As part of our Indigenous Perspectives project, we were able to provide youth with 360 camera equipment and on-set experience and ImmersiveLink headsets to inspire a generation to create their own stories and experiences using technology to continue to bridge generations.

Careers Experiences for Youth Career Exploration 

Project Details

Type:Generation 1 – IL Careers
Collaborator:Skills Ontario (partner)
Key Stats:Developed over 25 new careers experiences

Project Description

In partnership with Skills Ontario, we developed over 25 new careers experiences to support Ontario youth in their career exploration journey. We collaborated with numerous businesses across the province to showcase a variety of careers in the skilled trades. The experiences showcased “Day in the Life” vignettes in 360 videos. Youth can view these experiences to get a better understanding of what a worksite might look like, day to day activities, and the types of education they may need to pursue a role in one of these fields.

Some careers highlighted were an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Boilermaker, Carpenter, Chef, Electrician and many more!

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