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Our virtual reality solutions


Day-in-the-Life Experience

Show the world what excites your organization about the work that they do! End users get to follow a day in your life through a 360° video experience. Take potential clients and employees to your worksite, where they can immerse themselves in daily activities, experience your team dynamic, and hear advice from professionals in the field.


Training Modules

Ensure employee success by optimizing your training tools with VR. These training modules will provide a realistic experience that engages new hires in a way standard training never could. In the virtual world, employees can practice and demonstrate necessary skills to ensure safety across commonly encountered and highly sensitive situations.

ORIGIN's virtual reality production company will coordinate with you to create a customized 360 video experience.

We want your input every step of the way, from film production to development, to ensure the experience meets the specific needs of your team.

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