How do I register for an ImmersiveLink subscription? 

To purchase a subscription to ImmersiveLink, please contact to learn more about pricing and subscription tiers.

How can the ImmersiveLink experiences be viewed? 

ImmersiveLink experiences can be viewed on the Oculus Quest 2 headset, and most laptop and mobile devices. Viewing on a VR headset is recommended for the best viewing experience.

How can I access the ImmersiveLink app on my Oculus headset? 

When you purchase a stand-alone experience or our subscription, you will receive an access code to enter into our app on your Oculus device. To see full instructions on our app and activate your code, click here.

What can ImmersiveLink experiences be used for? 

ImmersiveLink experiences can be used for youth and adults of any age.

ImmersiveLink Careers is recommended for anyone who is interested in learning more about career opportunities in the trades or those who might be looking to change career paths.

ImmersiveLink Cultural provides an opportunity to learn directly from Knowledge Keepers for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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