We develop customizable tours to make your vision a (virtual) reality. VR tours can be a vital tool used to promote opportunities within your organization, cultural knowledge preservation, investment opportunities, and for virtual reality career exploration within your organization. Virtual reality education is also made possible with VR Tours, allowing you to showcase educational assets, and even contribute to cultural knowledge preservation.

ORIGIN will work closely with your team on every tour project to ensure that we deliver on your expected outcomes. We want your input at every stage, from scripting, storyboarding, and production, to assembling the final VR experience.

With ORIGIN’s VR Tours technology, travel and exploration have become easier than ever.

VR Tours are an extension of ImmersiveLink’s virtual reality platform. This interactive technology allows you to overcome geographical limitations and reach audiences from across the world. In these virtual reality tours, allow your clients and partners to move around and engage with a virtual reality space.

Explore our VR Tours focused solutions:


Interactive Worksite Tours

Worksite tours are an invaluable experiential training and education resource. Unfortunately, they require a lot of planning and coordination in the real world in order to ensure visitor safety, and sometimes, they’re just not possible. You can skip the hassle of scheduling and logistical conflicts by using a virtual replica!

With a virtual reality tour of your worksite, you can share workplace insights with new audiences far and wide. Present your tours at career fairs, orientation days, or one-on-one to help individuals during their virtual reality career exploration. VR Tours are even a great solution to reach members located in remote communities who do not have local worksite access.

These tours are tailored to highlight organizational insights that are important to you and your partners. You can take your clients through day-to-day worksite activities, showcase rules and staff requirements, tour on-site machinery, and much more!


Investment Readiness Tours

Make your investments marketable and accessible with VR Tours! With this style of virtual reality tour, it’s easier than ever to connect with potential investors and share your ideas.

With your VR tour, you are in charge! Your VR experience is highly customizable, and we at ORIGIN will collaborate with your team to ensure that we showcase your strategic objectives and bring your organizational vision to life.

This unique promotional asset can reach investors both domestically and internationally. With remote access to your project site, investors can get a sense for its potential. Your tour can highlight project assets, and emphasize the economic benefits of your investment opportunity. Each tour will also be equipped with a custom map that can navigate to different areas of the attraction, where investors can learn through photos, videos, and various other interactions within the site. These tours will help investors make informed purchasing decisions, and feel secure in their investments.

Make your tour accessible by sharing it across all of your communication channels, such as your websites, social media, and any other digital marketing channels.

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