With revolutionary ImmersiveLink technology, we can work to preserve, rebuild, and revisit our biological and land-based Traditional Knowledge.

We can leverage virtual reality for education purposes, keeping alive our traditions and storytelling while reinstating our place as “caretakers of the land.”

ORIGIN offers several virtual reality solutions to help you customize your content in a way that promotes connection to the land, traditions, and teachings of your choosing. These solutions communicate Indigenous perspectives, traditions, and worldviews in one memorable and immersive experience:


Cultural Teaching Experience

Capture the knowledge and traditions of your community and preserve it for the generations to come in a 360 video experience.


Cultural Preservation Tour

VR users can interact with and move around in your selected territory. They will learn more about the history of your community, and its important traditions and teachings in this fully immersive experience.

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The teachings provided in these videos can be crafted into a story and further preserved through digital art and animations that can breathe life into the experience. Our VR production team will provide streamlined, end-to-end support throughout the process of planning, production, post-production, and content distribution.

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