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Storytelling is a vital component of Indigenous culture and tradition. There is always something to be learned, whether it’s through song, dance, pictographs—or VR!

ORIGIN curates these cultural workshops in recognition of the gap that has formed between our Knowledge Keepers and other members of our communities, especially our youth. To strengthen our Indigenous identities, we must share and revitalize our traditions, for there are many valuable lessons interwoven through our stories.

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With the support of Knowledge Keepers and First Nations communities, our workshops offer many opportunities for Indigenous engagement and cultural preservation. Our ImmersiveLink virtual reality experiences can be viewed without Wifi removing the challenge of low bandwidth to be able to share Indigenous knowledge with remote or isolated communities.

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Our wide array of workshops cater to community members of all ages, with workshops covering our core beliefs, traditional art and self-expression, the seven Grandfather Teachings, the Ojibwe 13 Grandmother Moons teachings (the 13 moons), and more.

Whether they are in-person or through virtual reality, we create safe spaces for individuals to grow, understand their personal journey, and connect with like-minded community members.

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1 Day

ImmersiveLink Cultural

1 Day

Core Beliefs

5 x 4 hr sessions

13 Moons Workshop Series

Half Day

ImmersiveLink 7 Career Ethics

Half Day or 1 Day

Two-Spirited Workshop

Half Day or 1 Day

Connecting to Culture 

Not listed

Storytelling Pictographs to VR 

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