Awareness. Connection. Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is a journey, and everyone has a part to play. Learning about Indigenous culture and being aware of the gaps and barriers in our systems are important first steps – but how do you figure out where to start all on your own?

ORIGIN’s respected Indigenous Engagement consultants are here to support your journey towards reconciliation. We will provide guidance on how to create a more inclusive work environment and create meaningful Indigenous community engagement. Our holistic approaches to strategy implementation will foster positive impacts within your organizations, and help you build strong relationships with the Indigenous communities beyond.

ORIGIN offers focused solutions that will support this education and collaboration. Whether you are seeking Indigenous Engagement Strategies, an Advisor and Support for a Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Journey, Workforce Development, or Sensitivity and Awareness Training Programs, our team will support the development of your chosen solution.

Explore our focused solutions:


Indigenous Engagement Strategy

What does it mean to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and organizations? ORIGIN offers a unique, first-hand perspective, as we have partnered with over 100 Indigenous communities in more than 10 years.

During this time, we have carefully crafted a series of strategies and approaches that will not only help your organization build ties with Indigenous communities, but maintain them long-term. We will introduce you to initiatives that will help support your company’s ESG, CSR, and DEI strategies.

Reconciliation can only be achieved once there is mutual understanding and respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. ORIGIN’s Indigenous Engagement Strategy has something to offer whether you are just beginning your reconciliation journey, or if you’re interested in raising the bar.


Advisor and Support for Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Journey

On the path to economic reconciliation, the PAR program is an important step for your organization to take. With an expert understanding of the PAR program, ORIGIN can provide insight and support as you strive to commit to Indigenous inclusivity.

We have knowledge of and experience with practical applications, and can review and assess PAR program requirements to ensure optimal performance. These requirements include policy development, action plans, and internal engagement tactics across all program pillars.

Through our work engaging with over 100 Indigenous communities, we have developed traditional workshops and various team engagement processes, such as our First-People-First process. We will promote comprehensive Indigenous corporate training to support your PAR journey.


Workforce Development Strategy

Through ORIGIN’s Workforce Development Strategy, we will ensure our valued community members are set on a path to success. We want to maximize Indigenous community engagement by increasing connections to jobs, resources, and opportunities.

We will develop a customized Workforce Development Strategy that works in tandem with existing resources and training programs. Such resources include ISET holders or federal programs, provincial employment resources, secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Through the power of connection and collaboration, we can optimize your career results.

Local community members also have a chance to explore workforce development opportunities in the virtual world. We will profile available job opportunities in virtual reality, providing a deeper understanding of the offered roles. This solution can save individuals time and energy, allowing you to better understand job conditions prior to investing in any career training.


Sensitivity and Awareness Training Programs

ORIGIN has connected thousands of Indigenous people to employment. As such, we have directly witnessed the many challenges faced within the workforce. With our Sensitivity and Awareness Training Programs, you can help break these barriers.

We can consult with your organization to support the development of customized cultural awareness programming. With this solution, you can make strides towards creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Our library of VR content has captured and preserved many valuable First Nations traditions, languages, and protocols. This content can supplement existing organizational programs that promote cultural education and awareness. We can do our part for reconciliation by teaching staff and employees about the diverse and beautiful Indigenous cultures in Canada!

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