The east is where we come from and represents springtime which is life. We begin our journey from the spirit world into the physical world which is the one that brings life.

We are born as a spirit, we ask the Creator for the physical journey. The Creator grants us this request with four gifts: the gifts of picking our mother and father, so that they will help us come to an agreement, a balance, within ourselves, and the gift of picking and choosing how we are going to be born and how we are going to die.

And so in the spirit world, we find our spirit mother and our spirit father, and we ask them, “will you be my vehicle to go to this physical world?” When they agree, Creator brings them together. A spirit is then born and is carried by the woman for nine months until the water breaks. We then enter into the physical world.

Elder Marilyn Netemegesic

Lake Helen Reserve


Operation Innovation 2.0 Update

As we enter our second year of Operation Innovation 2.0, we have made significant progress in attracting, screening and training interested candidates. In the first year, the career of focus was heavy equipment operators. With over 100 interested candidates, 60+ completed the screening and intake process and over 25 candidates are newly trained or in the process of training. The next VR assessment is near completion and will be used to screen those interested in Meter Installation. The team is excited to continue to carry this momentum forward this year!

Indigenous Engagement and Training

Wake the Warrior: Life Skills and Work Readiness

During this Wake the Warrior series in Pic Mobert First Nation, we’ve had the opportunity to work with community members on building life skills and soft skills needed in the workplace. Participants learn more about their natural abilities and have the opportunity to explore careers that would match up with their strengths.

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IL Careers and Sims with DSSAB

For a local workshop and screening, we worked with the team at DSSAB to host a work readiness workshop and a heavy equipment screening. The work readiness workshop focuses on career exploration and soft skills needed in the workplace!

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Red Rock Career Fair

ORIGIN was invited to attend the Red Rock Career Fair open to high school students looking to explore careers post-secondary. Colette set students up with ImmersiveLink Careers giving them the opportunity to explore career options and learn more about requirements for the roles.

School Board Sims Tour

With last year’s tour being a great success, Randy has hit the road again with the heavy equipment simulators. So far we’ve had stops in with the Northeastern Ontario School Board and Franco-Nord North Bay Catholic School Board in North Bay. Students have the chance to try out the heavy equipment simulators and try out ImmersiveLink Careers experiences.

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ImmersiveLink Updates

NEW ImmersiveLink Career Experience

Meter Installer: Day in the Life (with interactive VR training assessment) created in partnership with Honeywell

This experience highlights the day-to-day tasks and expectations of the role. The assessment focuses on electrical theory, PPE and safety hazards involved with being a meter installer.

GardaWorld Security Guard Experience

The team has recently wrapped up production of the security guard experience! In partnership with GardaWorld, this experience was created to highlight the day-to-day tasks of a security guard and the requirements for the role.

CN Rail Yard Shoot

The team is excited for an upcoming production taking place at a CN railyard! This experience will highlight 12 different roles, covering the specifics of each individual role and showcasing how they rely on each other to keep everything moving in the yard.

The Sharing Circle with Melissa Hardy-Giles


Empowering Indigenous Futures

April 4, 2024

Indigenous nations are rich in culture and in history. When it comes to preservation of this knowledge, understanding how to protect Indigenous heritage and capturing it in its true form is extremely important. Read more on the opportunities that new technology offers.

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Community Spotlight

Hiawatha First Nation 

After our time in the community last fall with the heavy equipment simulators, we are excited to be returning to Hiawatha in the upcoming months to deliver the Work Readiness level of the Wake the Warrior program!

Lots of exciting things are coming up for the community including the 28th Annual Traditional Powwow happening May 17 & 18.

About Hiawatha First Nation

Hiawatha First Nation is located on the north shore of Rice Lake east of the Otonabee River. The community values culture and the traditional ways of life, based largely on the seven sacred teachings. 

Stay up to date with all activities happening in Hiawatha on their Facebook page!

Hiawatha Logo


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Service Highlight

ImmersiveLink Pow Wow

For a limited time only, receive 10% off of your ImmersiveLink Pow Wow using code POWWOW!

Strengthen identity, pride and self esteem with your ImmersiveLink Pow Wow.

Your ImmersiveLink Pow Wow will provide a virtual, interactive experience that captures your Pow Wow including key events like the Grand entry, dances or an Elder Tribute.

Storing your Pow Wow in a digital format allows for the recreation of powerful, and positive time-honoured traditions for current and future generations to come. Plus, it feels like you’re really there!

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