Our journey begins when Creator breathes the spirit of life into us. The spirit is the one that motivates all that life in this great circle. We are a spirit on a physical journey, until our last breath.

Life is a gift and we honour that gift of tobacco.

All life has a spirit. It is the wind, earth, fire, the water, all of those things that are alive with energy and movement. When we talk about life we are talking about our spirit, and give thanks for them These things we cannot exist.

We begin our day with the act of thanks, with a little bit of tobacco and gently placing it in a place near a tree a rock. When we do this we are giving thanks. We are humbling ourselves to creation and being grateful for the breath of life once more.

Elder Marilyn Netemegesic

Lake Helen Reserve

Operation Innovation Graduate Highlight

In the spirit of fostering meaningful connections and creating pathways for success, we are proud to share a heartwarming success story from ORIGIN’s Operation Innovation 2.0 project.

Kirkland’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination. As a single parent, he faced numerous life challenges but remained steadfast in his pursuit of a better future.

Earning my certifications in heavy equipment operations has opened up new opportunities for me, and I’m proud to be setting an example for my community. Walking this path has shown me that we can overcome challenges and create a better future for ourselves and those who follow.

Kirkland’s story is a remarkable example of walking the good path and understanding the significance of leaving footprints for others to follow.

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Indigenous Engagement and Training

SIMs Nouvel Ontario Sudbury

The last stop of the school simulator tour ended in Sudbury! Participating students tried their hand at heavy equipment operation with the simulators and visited different worksites through ImmersiveLink Careers experiences.

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Webequie Wake the Warrior Life Skills

The Wake the Warrior Life Skills series was delivered in Webequie to community members interested in setting the foundation for their job search. In this first level, the focus learning practical tools and skills to manage everyday life.

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Wake the Warrior Work Readiness HAAMB

We returned to Saugeen First Nation in partnership with their Second Chance program.  We delivered our Work Readiness Programming as part of the Wake the Warrior program. This week of workshops included ImmersiveLink Careers, VIP Employee, and ImmersiveLink 7 Career Ethics. We are returning in June to deliver the life skills week!

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Wake the Warrior Life Skills/Work Readiness Naicatchewenin

In Naicatchewenin, we had the opportunity to run the Wake the Warrior programming. Participating community members gained a better understanding of what really motivates them and how that connects to career. Being able to recognize motivations and strengths is what can help to set you apart when meeting with employers!

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IL Careers Event

In partnership with Honeywell, we hosted an IL Careers event! This was a unique opportunity for community members to meet with employers and learn more about local opportunities.

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Operation Innovation and HEO Simulators

With stops in Pic Mobert and Wikwemikong, Randy ran screenings with the heavy equipment simulators for those interested in the opportunities with the Operation Innovation 2.0 project.

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ImmersiveLink Updates

NEW ImmersiveLink Career Experience Coming Soon!

Security Guard: Day in the Life created in partnership with GardaWorld

This experience showcases different sites security guards work at, what is expected in the job, and how to manage different situations.

Upcoming Productions with Honeywell

Currently, we are working on the Material Handler experience and an extension experience on Tailgate Safety Meetings. Working in this field, safety is the top priority to protect both employees and customers!

ImmersiveLink Generation 3

The ImmersiveLink team has been working on a new and improved ImmmersiveLink app. This version of the app will have improvements in the design, user experience, and other optimizations accessible in both Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets.

The Sharing Circle with Melissa Hardy-Giles


The Cultural Compass: Navigating Career Success Through Indigenous Wisdom

June 1, 2024

Melissa shares more on the undeniable connection between Indigenous culture and career as we enter Indigenous History Month.

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Saugeen First Nation 

We’ve had the opportunity to work with youth and adults of the community, delivering programming on Personality Dimensions and Work Readiness. We look forward to returning in June to deliver the Wake the Warrior Life Skills series!

About Saugeen First Nation

Saugeen First Nation #29 (SFN) is made up of a distinct Aanishnaabek Nation. They’re comprised of the Three Fires Confederacy.

Stay up to date with all activities happening in Saugeen on their website!


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Service Highlight

ImmersiveLink Cultural Library

ImmersiveLink Cultural VR, is a pioneering virtual reality platform that encapsulates the profound essence of Indigenous cultures through immersive 360 VR vignettes. This initiative aims to harness the power of virtual reality to preserve and present ancient knowledge, cultural protocols, and timeless traditions, which have historically been conveyed through oral traditions.

By transforming these narratives into vivid, interactive VR experiences, ImmersiveLink Cultural VR offers a dynamic new way to engage with and understand the richness of Indigenous heritage.

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