Waabanoong – the Eastern Doorway

Another aspect of the Eastern direction is the time of Spring.  The sap of the trees are running, and those that honour the natural law of creator are collecting that sacred tree water to turn into maple syrup.  Zaagibagaa Giizis is approaching us soon, which is the moon of the budding leaves.   We honour the return of life as we see the buds on the tree starting to come out.  This sacred doorway of Spring, Ziigwan, is the time when our ancestors were told to go out on the land to fast.   The old people said the time for fasting was right when the budding leaves are the size of a beavers ear.   Today our people still enter into that sacred time of fasting; To pray for all of creation, to honour the gifts we have in life, and to sacrifice our comfort of food and water so that our future generations may carry on the ceremonies into the future.

Here is a short prayer you could use in the morning when you get up.

Miigwech Nookomis gazhaawenimishiiyan owe ni-bimaadizoowin

Thank you Grandmother for the love you have given in my life.


Jordan Quequish and Reena Larabee


Indigenous Engagement and Training

Northeast Franco Nord School Board Simulator Tour

During this two-week trip, Randy stopped into many schools in this district with the simulator trailer and the ImmersiveLink headsets. Students were able to try out the heavy equipment simulators as well as the ImmersiveLink Careers experience. Over the course of this trip, over 240 students tried out the simulators and over 120 students tried out ImmersiveLink careers!

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Poplar Hill Workshops

Colette travelled to Poplar Hill to deliver the Wake the Warrior workshop series. This series is all about empowering individuals to better understand their skillset and prepare themselves for a successful career through a mix of career and culture workshops. Participants had a chance to complete the Personality dimensions assessment and learn more about their personality type.

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Munsee-Delaware First Nation Workshop

Charmaine travelled to London, ON to facilitate the ImmersiveLink Careers Workshop, with youth from Munsee Delaware First Nation, which helps students understand their own unique personalities and how it intersects with career!

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Manito Ahbee Festival

At the Manito Ahbee Pow Wow and Festival, the ORIGIN team had a chance to meet with individuals from Winnipeg region and more. The weekend was filled with great conversations, dancing, drumming, and celebrations! Chi-Miigwech to everyone who stopped by our booth and tried out ImmersiveLink.

Fort Francis High School Indigenous Days

Our Cultural workshops facilitator, Colette, spent her week at Fort Francis Highschool running the 7 Grandfathers workshop. 10 classes participated and students had the chance to learn more about the 7 Grandfather Teachings and how they can apply them in the classroom!

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Greenstone Tour

Randy returned to the the Superior-Greenstone District School Board district with the simulator trailer! Students had the opportunity to experience what it would be like to operate different heavy equipment machinery with the CAT simulators. During this trip, about 110 students stopped by to test out the simulators.

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Production Updates

NEW Cultural Experiences!

Goose Hunt  –  Ice Fishing – Net Fishing – Beaver Trapping

ImmersiveLink Sacred Seven

Focus groups are underway for IL7! The development team is also working on making advancements with more interactive elements.

Community Tours

The production team has been working with Marten Falls and Webequie community members to capture community knowledge and the importance of the traditional areas.

The Sharing Circle with Melissa Hardy-Giles


Indigenous History Month

June 1, 2023

Melissa shares the significance of this month to her and more on the topic of cultural preservation.

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Upcoming Events

Operation Innovation 2.0 Webinar

June 27th at 11 AM EDT

Is your team looking for new, innovative ways to match job seekers to training opportunities? Learn more about partnership opportunities in this webinar.

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Community Spotlight

Marten Falls First Nation

The ORIGIN team has had many opportunities to visit Marten Falls and work with community members. Most recently, the community of Marten Falls hosted a career fair at Henry Coaster School.  Several youth and community members explored our career library and were excited to learn about different careers.  ORIGIN has also worked with Marten Falls to capture traditional knowledge in virtual reality to preserve the community’s teachings.

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Service Highlight

ImmersiveLink Cultural Workshop

Experience Indigenous knowledge and traditions in virtual reality! This full day workshop engages participants through a series of hands-on activities and 360 video experiences. Leave with an understanding of Indigenous culture and tangible goals to continue learning post-workshop.

The ImmersiveLink Cultural library was designed as a way of preserving cultural traditions in a format that is accessible and can be shared widely across the country. Viewers will be transported to different location and learn from different Knowledge Keepers and storytellers.

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