“All parts of the wheel are basic and depend on each other inside the cycle of life; what impacts one impacts all, and the world cannot continue with misplaced parts. For this reason, the Medicine Wheel teaches us that these teachings need to be respected across all parts are required to bolster life”.​

For centuries Indigenous people have used the four directions of the medicine wheel as a tool for learning and teaching. There are many versions of medicine wheel teachings. These teachings vary from one community to another but there are some foundational concepts that are similar between the various medicine wheel teachings. At ORIGIN, we value and respect Indigenous teachings and try to incorporate them into all we do. Our Four Direction Newsletter aims to build upon these teachings and align them with the Indigenous communities we work with. In this edition, we focus on the North direction.

The teachings of the north remind us to slow down and rest. The north is referred to as the rest period, a time to be respectful of the need to care for and nurture the physical body. It is also referred to by some as a period of remembrance – a time for contemplation of what has happened in life. Winter is represented in the north – it is a time for rest for the earth. It is also a time of reflection – on being a child, a youth and an adult. Elders, pipe carriers and the lodge keepers, reside in the north. Their teachings help us to embrace all aspects of our beings so that we can feel and experience the fullness of life. Wisdom also resides in the north. In this edition, we have reached out to Shaawanobineski Ikwe (Southern Thunderbird Women) Marilyn Netemegesic who belongs to Makawa (Bear) Clan and who is an  Elder to share stories in the winter months.

For the past 10 years, Elder, Marilyn , has used the medicine wheel as a guide and as a tool to help others. This is credited to her mom, Agnes Hardy.

Marilyn who was born and raised in Rocky Bay First Nation, On, moved to Lake Helen Reserve and is a proud member of the Red Rock Indian Band credits the medicine wheel as being one of the positive forces in their life. In our words, this is our interpretation:

I’m not saying that this is the only way to do the medicine wheel, but this is the way I do mine. These teachings are based on the teachings I received from people in various communities in the territory. Many people have different interpretations in their medicine wheel and they are all right. We are caring people who share and pass on teachings to all races that are the medicine wheel. No way is the wrong way.

Marilyn Netemegesic


Indigenous Engagement and Training

Indigenous Perspectives Youth Group Wrap Up

The Indigenous Perspectives program is an initiative designed to get youth out into the community, learning more about their culture, meeting new people, and learning new skills. Youth participants have had the opportunity to work on VR experiences, participate in cultural workshops, build a totem pole, and make some new friends along the way. Over the course of this program we have had the chance to engage with over 450 youth!

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Career & Science Experience Camps with GCT 3 & Science North

In partnership with Grand Council Treaty #3, the ORIGIN team joined Science North for the 2-day Career and Science Experience Camps in Kenora. Youth participants had the chance to attend a workshop on the 7 Grandfather Teachings, Personality Dimensions, and test out ImmersiveLink alongside some other interactive activities.


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VR & HEO Simulator Drop-in Sessions with Four Winds Partnership

In partnership with FWP, ORIGIN travelled to Shoal Lake 40, Wauzhushk Onigum, Washagamis Bay and Niisaachewan. We had 25 community members stop by who had the chance to learn more about opportunities with FWP like the HEO training course, Framing training course and the 12-week Construction Craft training. Interested visitors could complete a simulator assessment to be considered for one of the training opportunities.



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Realizing Your Potential Conference at Munsee-Deleware

In early March, ORIGIN travelled to Munsee-Deleware to participate as one of the workshop facilitators during the Realizing Your Potential Conference. Conference attendees had the opportunity to participate in the Personality Dimensions workshop as well as the IL Careers workshop!

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Nishnawbe Aski Nation Women’s Gathering in Thunder Bay

ORIGIN was invited to run a Self-Care workshop at the most recent Women’s Gathering. It was an honour to connect with the 60 women that attended the workshop. Our Self Care workshop is about revealing all the ways we can care for ourselves and how to navigate the stress we can feel in our day-to-day lives.

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ESUMA ImmersiveLink Tours

In 2022 ImmersiveLink worked with ESUMA to create a VR tour of the John Abbott College for northern students to be able to “virtually transport” themselves to gain deeper understanding and confidence in attending further education in the city of Montreal. ImmersiveLink Productions is excited to be working with ESUMA and Kativik Illisarniliriniq to create two more educational VR tours of post secondary options available to Inuvik students across Northern Quebec.

What will it capture?

  • Help and social aid Kativik Illisarniliriniq provides to support student success for CEGEPs at Montmorency and NS
  • Viewers can learn about dorm life, counselling, social support, etc.

It will be available in English, French and Inukitut.

The ImmersiveLink Production team is excited to announce ImmersiveLink Sacred Seven!

IL7 is a unique customized VR training experience that educates users on the core principles and foundational concepts of the Seven Grandfather Teachings. The teachings utilized originate from the Ojibwe nation and are based/presented and translated from the Ojibway.

As we work towards reconciliation and increasing Indigenous participation in economic reconciliation, these teachings and training experience will support strong values training for individuals to succeed in any career.

The Sharing Circle with Melissa Hardy-Giles


Indigenous Youth Connecting to Culture & Building Career Readiness

March 1, 2023

Learn more about how Indigenous youth navigate their career exploration journey, the connection to culture and how that can support discovering their sense of self and where their passions lie.

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Upcoming Events

Share Your Roots Pow Wow Competition

March 06 – 24

Win your community their own ImmersiveLink Pow Wow! Capture community traditions and time-honoured knowledge in virtual reality.

Community Spotlight

The ORIGIN team has had the opportunity to work with the community members of Wiikwemkoong through a variety of different workshops and events! Recently, we met with staff members to complete our Personality Dimensions training. It was so much fun to see everyone learn more about themselves and their coworkers! In our PD workshops, individuals will complete an assessment to determine which colour personality type most suits them. From there, they will participate in activities that allow them to learn more about their colour type with the others.

Our team hopes to come back soon!

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Service Highlight

ImmersiveLink Pow Wow

ImmersiveLink Pow Wows allow communities to capture their community traditions in virtual reality! These Pow Wow experiences can be shared with elders, community members and youth of generations to come.

The experience is fully customizable to what you are looking to highlight at your Pow Wow. It will provide a fully immersive and interactive virtual experience that captures your traditions and highlights dance styles, language, Elder Tributes, youth, ceremonies and more.

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